Breaking Down the Different Types of Pallet Rack Slots

Breaking Down the Different Types of Pallet Rack Slots

With so much used warehouse shelving for sale at Used Warehouse Equipment, it’s only natural that we have developed a keen understanding of the various types of pallet racking. Review the infographic below to determine which racking system is best for you, and then continue reading as we examine six of the most common kinds of slots you are likely to find on warehouse shelving.

Teardrop (Interlake Old Style)

Manufactured by Interlake, teardrop pallet racks are by far the most commonly used in American warehouses. This type of pallet racking gets its name from the distinctive teardrop-shaped slots it has, which allow for stability and convenient assembly. 

Interlake New Style

Interlake “New Style” pallet racks feature slots that take on a square-ish, wedge-like shape. Worth noting is that Interlake New Style beams are compatible with Interlake Old Style frames, but Interlake Old Style beams do not fit on Interlake New Style frames. 


The slots on Ridge-U-Rack pallet racks are narrow, straight lines, and these racks use pinch-pin clips and a patented six-bend design to secure the beams for unusually heavy loads. 


Manufactured by Unarco, T-Bolt pallet racking features slots that only connect on the front end and are shaped like rectangles. T-Bolt racking provides a very reliable connection and is rather easy to install. 


Sturdi-Bilt racking features slots that are similar in size and shape to Ridg-U-Rak slots, but the slots are spaced apart further on Sturdi-Bilt racks. The beam sits on a clip that fits on the slot on the upright, rather than connecting to the upright directly. This “wedge lock” clip system gives the beams a secure connection with the upright columns.


The slots on Republic pallet racking — which used to be more common — are shaped like a wedge or keystone, which is why Republic racking is commonly referred to as “Keystone Racking.” This racking system uses beam clips that have hooks with square tops.

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