Grocery Store Liquidation – FOB Buffalo, NY

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QuantityMaterialSpecsRetail w/o Labor/ UnitTotal Retail w/o LaborWeightTotal Weight
1600Gravity 18″ 1.9 roller on 4″ c/c$9.75$15,600.002032,000.00
2000Gravity 18″ 1.375 roller on 4″ c/c$9.75$19,500.002040,000.00
500Gravity 24″ 1.375 roller on 3″ c/c$11.00$5,500.002010,000.00
18Spurs 19 in. skate wheel 30 degrees turn$225.00$4,050.00130023,400.00
6Power Belt over slider bed(2)24 ft x 24″ Belt incline decline conveyor complete unit palletized 48′ over all$3,600.00$21,600.00330019,800.00
800Trash line 30 in. OAW (FKI ) complete with side guards and mounting hangers 4 drive units$18.00$14,400.003024,000.00
Conveyor Subtotal$80,650.00149,200.00


King Way Shelf Pick Module
QuantityMaterialSpecsPriceTotal PriceWeightTotal Weight
280 ft long repack pick mod floor plus 2 mezz levels99″ carton flow bay centers 135″ deep with impact trays
1Pick module open case “repack Picking”
550Carton Flow Sheves$ 165.00$90,750.00364200,200.00
17500Fire baffel 24 gaPre Galv finish$0.75$13,125.001.221,000.00
18000Main aisle replen aisle 18 GA B-deck subflooring 12 ft aisle18 GA painted White one side$1.55$27,900.001.527,000.00
18000Main aisle replen aisle wood flooring3/4″ HD Resin Deck Grey Finish$ 1.40$25,200.001.7531,500.00
2Stair towers$2,500.00$5,000.0015003,000.00
150Bays 32″ x 42″ shelving 5 shelves / baybeige 87″ tall$ 44.00$6,600.009714,550.00
Pick Module Subtotal$168,575.00297,250.00



EXCELLENT condition

Frazier Brand Structural Rack –
QuantityMaterialSpecsWeightTotal Weight
110.00Upright Frame, Dbl Post both posts to 108″ , heavy bottom horizontals, heavy 5″ bull nose deflector on front post, rear Base Plate 5.5″x4″x1/4″, Front BP 5.5″x7.5″x1/4″,30′ x 44″ x 3″289.0031,790.00
220.00Upright Frame, Dbl Post front post to 204″” , heavy bottom horizontals, h, rear Base Plate 5.5″x4″x1/4″, Front BP 5.5″x7.5″x1/4″,30′ x 44″ x 3″289.0063,580.00
2,600.00Beam 7600 lb cap/ pr ( White & Orange)101″ x 4″34.0088,400.00
300.00Beam 6″ 14,000 lb cap/ pr101″ x 6″32.009,600.00
220.005″ Channel tunnel bay beam 7500 /pr cap144″-148 x 5″76.0016,720.00
300.00Row Spacer10″1.00300.00
560.00Row Spacer14″1.00560.00
250.00Row Spacer19″1.00250.00
Structural Rack Subtotal211,200.00


Fair condition

Frazier Style Structural Rack –
QuantityMaterialSpecsWeightTotal Weight
120.00Upright Frame, Dbl Post front posts , heavy bottom horizontals, DAMA PRO reinforcement kit, rear Base Plate 5.5″x7″x1/4″, Front BP 5.5″x7″x1/4″,30′ x 48″ x 3″289.0034,680.00
3,200.00Beam 7600 lb cap/ pr101″ x 4″34.00108,800.00
60.005″ Channel tunnel bay beam 7500 /pr cap144″-148 x 5″76.004,560.00
80.00Row Spacer10″1.0080.00
70.00Row Spacer14″1.0070.00
90.00Row Spacer19″1.0090.00
Structural Rack Subtotal148,280.00


Excellent condition

Fraizer Sturctural Pallet Rack (Blue & Orange)
12Upright FrameDouble Post Front to 96″, Heavy Bottom Horizontals, 5″ Bull Nose Deflector on Front Post (Dark Blue)30′ x 44″ x 4″460$145
13Upright Frame(Dark Blue)20′ x 44″ x 4″460$120.00
7Upright FrameW/ Rear Base Plate 6″x4″x3/8″. Front Base Plate 6″x7.5″x3/8″ (Dark Blue)21′ x 44″ x 3″378$80.00
6Upright Frame(Light Blue)17′ x 44″ x 3″378$76.00
10Upright Frame(Light blue)21′ x 44″ x 3″378$88.00
57Upright FrameW/ Heavy Base Plate, 5.5″ x 6″ x 1/4″17′ -4″ x 44″ x 3″239$75.00
210Structural BeamYellow Beam with holes for bolt in pallet supports – 10,000 lb capacity/pair96″ x 4″42$17.00
124Structural BeamOrange Structural Beam with holes for bolt in pallet supports 10,000 lb capacity/pair100″ x 4″42$17.00
22Structural BeamOrange Beam with holes for bolt in pallet supports 10,000 lb capacity/pair101″ x 4″42$17.00
12Structural BeamWhite Beam101″ x 6:72$22.00
18Structural BeamOrange Beam120″ x 5″76$18.00
88Structural BeamOrange Beam50″ x 3″22$8.00
40Structural BeamBeam50″ x 3″22$8.00
140Structural BeamOrange Tunnel Bay Channel Beam147″ x 5″78$26.00
80Structural BeamOrange Tunnel Bay Channel Beam152″ x 6″78$26.00
30Structural BeamOrange Tunnel Bay Channel Beam146″ x 6″78$26.00
162Structural BeamYellow Tunnel Bay Channel Beam146″ x 5″78$26.00
10Structural BeamOrange Tunnel Bay Channel Beam145″ x 5″78$26.00
200Pallet SupportsOrange Pallet Supports44″ deep frames7.5$3.25
950Pallet SupportsYellow Pallet Supports44″ deep frames7.5$3.25
270Row SpacerDark Blue Seismic Row Spacer12″3$2.00
1,300Row SpacerSeismic rated – dark blue18″3$2.00
300Row SpacerSeismic rated – dark blue32″3$2.00
170Row SpacerSeismic rated – light blue12″3$2.00
100Row SpacerSeismic rated – light blue16″3$2.00
170Row SpacerSeismic rated -light blue20″3$2.00
1,100Row SpacerSeismic rated – light blue12″3$2.00