Mission & Vision Statement

Mission Statement 

Maximize our clients’ profitability in logistics, material handling, and distribution center operations by providing a unique blend of expertise, engineering, and proven products and services. We combine them with deeply committed project management to keep your projects on track. We seek common ground where everyone wins by building true, long-lasting partnerships that transcend the life of a project. We develop solutions through creative and collaborative means for supply chain distribution operations that result in lower client capital expenditures, lower annual operating costs, and increased profitability and market capitalization for our clients


Vision Statement

The globalization of markets has put more competitive pressure than ever before on corporations in advanced industrialized nations in Europe and North America. Today, in a fast-paced, dynamic, and new-world economy, companies must seek every means possible to generate better returns for their shareholders.


At Used Warehouse Equipment, we help our clients create a competitive advantage that results in a better balance sheet. We offer an unparalleled value proposition delivered through a unique business model that contributes to our clients’ success. We focus on logistics, distribution center design build, distribution center operations strategy, order fulfillment and material handling equipment media. We possess an unusually deep pool of resources for our client base to draw from to ensure that only the best solutions are crafted. Used Warehouse Equipment’s high-energy, entrepreneurial culture develops out-of-the-box solutions from “the inside out.”


Our vision focuses on ways to help clients strip out unnecessary costs in global logistics, supply chain execution, distribution center operations, and material handling equipment procurement. We produce results that exceed our clients’ expectations on several fronts: operational excellence, fiscally high returns on investment and results on time guaranteed.


Value Statement

Before we generate any revenue, we must first create a strong value proposition. We create value for our clients by providing outstanding service and excellent ideas to small and large-scale complex challenges that increase our clients’ profitability. At Used Warehouse Equipment, we realize that customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction are interdependent. Our employees stretch beyond their comfort zones to do what is necessary to make our clients’ projects successful. We empower our employees and our partners to do the right thing, without exception. All of our staff possess an unusually strong work ethic and dedication to our clients’ success.


We understand that success for you means success for us. We frequently receive confidential, sensitive information from our clients and partners, and we utilize it to serve you but always with great discretion. We keep an open, honest direct line of communication with our employees and clients which results in a mutual trust and respect. Continuous learning, education, integrity, collaboration, and a “Character First mentality” are keystones that define us. This commitment to excellence enables us to help our clients and maintain a leadership position in the Facility Decommissioning, Liquidation, Logistics, Material Handling Equipment and Distribution Center arenas.