Certified Rack Inspections

Safety Check of Pallet Racking

If you have a warehouse it’s critical to inspect your pallet racks. They are excellent storage equipment, but when damaged or incorrectly loaded or installed, they can become dangerous.

Having a certified inspector come take a look at your racks will not only help you comply with safety regulations and work safer, it will help you spot poor practices in your operation that might otherwise go unnoticed.

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Rack Inspection Check List

  • Are the racks plumb and level?
  • Are any metal component rusted or corroded?
  • Is the rack overloaded?


  • Check the horizontal braces for any bending, twisting, or other damage.
  • Check your footplates. Are they properly lagged and securely attached to the floor?
  • Are column protectors damaged? If they are, remove them and be sure the rack upright didn’t also take damage in the incident that damaged the protector.

Load Beams

  • Deflection (sagging)
  • Dents
  • Connections

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certified rack inspections

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