Optimizing Pallet Racking in your Warehouse

Optimizing Pallet Racking in your Warehouse

Pallet racking has been used as an easy storage solution in many warehouses. They are an excellent way to optimize the space in your warehouse facility. While using pallet racks can help you in several different ways, it’s essential that you know how to make the most of this type of storage equipment. This way, you can ensure increased efficiency and productivity in your warehouse.

Here’s a guide on how you can optimize your new or existing pallet rack to help your warehouse operations.

Seek help from the experts

Nothing’s wrong with admitting that you also need help at times when it comes to running your warehouse. You can use a hand especially with using a new racking system. Before buying or adding pallet racks for your warehouse, it would be better to get in touch with whoever you are buying the warehouse racking from. Discuss your needs. Ask about the type of pallet racks that will best suit your needs and how you can incorporate it together with the rest of the storage system in your facility.

Figure out how it will work with the rest of your shelving

One of the challenges with using pallet racks is how to integrate them with your existing storage systems and shelving. See to it that even if you add industrial racking, there shouldn’t be any need for renovations. You can’t also risk running out of space in your warehouse simply because you added some pallet racking. So before getting pallet racking installed, take time to look at your existing storage and answer the following questions:

  • Is there a designated where the new pallet racks can be installed?
  • Is there going to be enough space in the aisle for these racks? Or do the aisle spaces need to be adjusted to accommodate the additional material handling equipment?
  • Are the pallet racks going to cause interference with the sprinkler or fire prevention system?
  • Are the products that will be stored in these racks going to be safe?

These are some of the good questions you need to ask yourself. Your answers will help you determine whether installing pallet racking is indeed an excellent decision for your warehouse.

Choose new racking materials

If you’re after storage capacity, you might want to choose new racking materials. New racking materials are stronger, yet lighter compared with the older systems. They come in various shapes and sizes and they are now more flexible. This means that you can try as many pallet racking configurations as you like. It also means that they can double your storage space. You simply have to reconfigure your pallet setups.

Stack your pallets higher

To maximize your warehouse space, it would help to stack your pallet racking higher. Warehouse ceilings are usually high. And when you make use of this vertical space, it can make all the difference in increasing your storage capacity. However, if you are concerned about how your forklifts can reach higher shelves, you can use ramps so that your forklifts can drive up. This will help them reach the items on the top shelves.

Consider the aisles

The aisle spaces are another thing that you must consider before installing pallet racking. Will you still have enough aisle spaces even after installing pallet racking? If adding pallet racking would mean narrower aisles but more storage spaces, it could be a good decision. But you must also be aware that this means more expensive forklifts.

Don’t forget about building supports

Roof support columns are important when designing a pallet rack setup. So make sure that you have your pallet racking around these columns. This will ensure the safety of your warehouse racking against the forklift impact. This will also help you ensure the optimal use of the storage system. When you follow the right design, you can make the most of your available warehouse space.

The pallet racking in your warehouse is an excellent means of storing products of various weights and sizes. Looking for used pallet racking? Please visit Used Warehouse Equipment.

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