Past Projects

Used Warehouse Equipment Projects

The staff at Used Warehouse Equipment has an experience of more than two decades when it comes to designing, engineering, selling, installing, dismantling, and managing of some of the most complex and most breathtaking projects in this industry.

Some of the projects included in the facility decommissioning are Miami’s infamous Orange Bowl, New York’s Yankee Stadium, and Buffalo New York’s Memorial Auditorium.

When it comes to expertise and experience in our field, we are proud to say that we have been successful, even when it comes to our market reach. The clients that we have worked with here in Used Warehouse Equipment are the ones who have also been leading in manufacturing, logistics, fulfillment, groceries, apparel, entertainment, and many other consumer industries.

We do not measure the quality of our output based on how big or small the project is because our ultimate goal is to be able to deliver the best for our clients.

Below is the detailed list of the projects we deliver: