Warehouse Installation

Facility Decommissioning, Installation, Dismantling and Project Management

Warehouse InstallationUsed Warehouse Equipment utilizes installation contractors with the most experienced nationwide and regional installation crews in the industry. Many of our installation contractors have been in business for over 20 years installing storage and material handling equipment of every type.

We only work with experienced, insured, professional, courteous, efficient, clean, safety minded installers.

Used Warehouse Equipment offers complete project and site management to make sure jobs are done on time and to spec. Our installers take inventory of new Products as it arrives at the project site and we commit an experienced supervisor to every project. Frequently, one of our senior management is present for large, complex installations.

Used Warehouse Equipment operates throughout North America, and the Caribbean, shipped  as  far as the Philippines . Because of this and the many shipping variables that are inclusive of the Products we provide, we must quote each project individually for shipping.

We leverage our volume of shipping with our freight carrier partners to provide the best pricing possible to our customers.

Shipping Cost Confirmation

Shipping information with estimated cost and lead time for your items will be emailed to you after you submit your order. No orders are processed prior to ship cost being sent and confirmed by you.

How Shipping Cost is Calculated

Freight Class

Freight classes are a motor freight industry standard which classifies freight according to weight and volume of space taken in the truck. Shipping charges are determined by the freight class. Should you wish to get your own freight quotation, you will need to provide your carrier with the freight class to obtain a proper quotation. Please contact us for more information.

FOB Point

Each Product has a typical FOB point. FOB points indicate where the Products will typically ship from. At times, we may ship from alternate warehouses to get you the best possible freight rate.

Project Management & Permitting:

Used Warehouse Equipment has the capacity to perform detailed in-house seismic analyses and designs for all types of structural and roll-formed rack systems. Reviews can be done for both new and existing structures. Reviews for existing structures are typically done to determine remaining system seismic strength, the ability of the system to withstand modifications, or the remaining capacity when analyzed in light of new code requirements. For new structures this in- house capability allows us to avoid potentially costly issues related to code changes and permitting reviews.

Our staff of experienced  experts represents a comprehensive cross-section of industry experience. From understanding the local rules and regulations of your area to having a deep knowledge of the compliance regulations and proven practices of your industry, you can be sure that one of us has the expertise you need.

Our job is to maximize your operational efficiency by developing a solution that best fits your unique situation.