Warehouse Safety Inspections

Warehouse Safety Education, Code Compliance, and Audits for your Distribution Center

Used Warehouse Equipment operates with a “Safety First Mentality” and has nationally recognized experts that conduct safety audits on a regular basis.

These audits are done for warehouse equipment such as pallet racks, shelving, fork-lift trucks, battery chargers and changers, etc.

Pallet Rack Repair

Should any pallet rack or equipment need repairs, we have pre-engineered solutions. We can supply  the “rack repair kit and safely repair the pallet racks right in your  building during  regular operating hours.

The results of these audits can help in determining whether or not investment in new mechanical or structural equipment is needed,can  identify abuse and can quantify remaining life. Structural audits can also be done to investigate the effects of rack re-profiling, damage, and code changes.

Pallet Rack Certification

Used Warehouse Equipment also has an equipment certification program. This service includes a certified  Professional Mechanical – Structural Engineer to inspect and certify the capacity of your existing equipment.