Our team at Used Warehouse Equipment consists of people who are highly motivated and highly capable and dedicated to helping you find the right equipment that will best suit your needs at the lowest possible price.

    Meet Our Staff

Greg Herzog – President

Mr. Greg Herzog is the Global Sales, Operations and Marketing Executive with more than 28 years of experience when it comes to branding, progressive domestic and global planning, and marketing covering a wide variety of industries. He is a renowned person when it comes to developing, creating, and increasing efficient and successful business operations. Because of this, he was able to bring his businesses to rapid growth and expansion while taking care of his long-term stability and increasing business profitability. Mr. Herzog is someone who can be considered as an expert in maximizing corporate assets, marketing brands, as well as research; that’s all because of his analytical and conceptual strategy. He knows how to leverage on customer insights in such a way that they can be useful in creating high-impact branding and initiatives about marketing that is targeted towards driving an increase in revenue, getting his brand recognized, and penetrating market – which all result in a promising return on investment and growth in profit.

Kevin Galvin – Technology Director

Kevin Galvin is the technology director who has more than 26 years of experience in being an executive in providing solutions to complex IT problems. He has worked to serve a wide variety of firms with global operations. He was able to bring in over 18 billion in revenue for his businesses which he was able to grow in 7,000 locations. He has employed 30,000 people and had an experience in managing a team working on IT interface as well as branding and marketing initiatives which cater to healthcare, industrial food service, and food manufacturing.