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After brand-new parts are manufactured, they are baked in a high-temperature kiln. From there, they require storage in a cooling rack. 


Case Study


High-tech heavy manufacturing space is extremely expensive. The square footage wasn’t available to create a multiple-aisle stacker crane system. The mini-load system had to be engineered to handle two cranes sequencing simultaneously, rotating parts through the system in a single stacker crane aisle.
The product line already had a fixed tote size that left little room for slotting all of the components. Fewer levels in the system would have meant a bigger building and a great deal of extra cost. Therefore, we designed 24 storage levels with extremely tight tolerances so that ASRS cranes could work without interference or failure.


Design a custom ASRS rack system with a unique sub-assembly design that handles extraordinary tight tolerances made of structural steel.
Due to the incredible volume, two cranes work in a single aisle. The system turns all 2,400 storage slots almost 65 times a year!
Because of the tremendous working speed of the cranes, the system had to be custom-engineered to handle unique side loads and potential steel fatigue factors.


The manufacturer increased volume and production capacity 100%, enabling them to expand market share for this narrow-niche, highly specialized manufacturing operation that is showing significant growth. 

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