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Used Warehouse Shelving & Equipment for Sale

Our team of warehouse liquidators procures the highest quality used equipment and industrial racking and shelving systems to assist companies in their voluntary or compulsory liquidation processes. Our inventory of durable warehouse products is constantly growing, so we most likely have exactly the product or storage option your warehouse requires.

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Used Racking Systems

One of the essential aspects of any functioning warehouse is high-volume storage that makes efficient use of the warehouse space. Our thousands of warehouse racking and shelving units for sale come in all dimensions so that we can customize your storage options.

We have the following used racking and shelving systems available:

We’ll locate the finest equipment at the best prices for your business! Our storage racks and other warehouse equipment are carefully selected from various locations, so you can thoroughly check its details and history. Take a look through our current inventory of used warehouse equipment for sale to see specific product availability.

If, for some reason, we do not have what you need in stock, make sure to check back often to see our regularly-updated list of all material handling equipment and exclusive deals.

Additional Used Equipment

Additional Used Equipment

Although racking and other storage systems are necessary for your warehouse, your warehouse cannot function like a well-oiled machine without other equipment like conveyors, gates, pick carts and forklifts. We only purchase and resell the best equipment available, so you are guaranteed to buy long-lasting, industrial-quality storage units and warehouse machinery.

Take a look at our other used warehouse equipment for sale, and make your warehouse more effective and efficient:


  • Work Benches / Shipping Stations
  • 1″ and 3/4″ Thick Resin Coated Decking

All of our used warehouse equipment for sale is prepped and ready to ship anywhere in the continental United States

Industrial Racking, Shelving, & Storage Options

At our facilities, we have a vast array of excellent used warehouse equipment for sale. Our professionally-manufactured products come in used, new and refurbished condition, and their functionality is never in question. Why buy warehouse equipment at full retail price or use another service when you can use the trusted products and services of Used Warehouse Equipment?

Read below for a short list of our first-rate storage and equipment options.

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