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Over the years, conveyor systems have become more than just a means of moving or transporting products. They are now a vital part of material handling systems, playing a critical role in warehouse operations. When purchasing something so vital, you want to be sure you’re getting your product from a source you can trust.

Our used warehouse conveyors are always in excellent used condition.

Here at Used Warehouse Equipment, our priority is maximizing your warehouse capacity and storage for less.

We provide each of our customers with expert-level support with the design and layout, delivery, project management and installation of their warehouse equipment, all while providing solutions that include custom consulting services to help you make the right decision for a long-term, low-cost solution.

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Quality Equipment Conveyors

If you’re looking for used conveyors for sale, let us be your go-to source! In addition to used conveyors, our company also offers much-needed items such as:

In addition to providing used conveyors for sale, we wish to become your company’s source for used material handling equipment. With numerous warehousing locations throughout the United States, we’re always increasing and adding to our inventory, working with our customers to obtain good-quality equipment ideally suited to your warehouse’s particular needs.

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Our Power Conveyors and Accessories

As a common piece of mechanical handling equipment, conveyors are especially useful in applications that involve the transportation of heavy or bulky materials. Relying on conveyors is also a cost-effective way of boosting the productivity of your warehouse’s transportation and picking operations.

While our conveyors are designed to be durable and reliable, some components are nonetheless vulnerable to wear. In addition to conveyors themselves, our well-stocked shop has the spare parts you need to keep your conveyor running exactly as it should.

Feel free to give our team a call today with any questions you may have about our conveyors and other accessories.

Dependable Products: Guaranteed

With years of experience in the industry and commitment to excellence, Used Warehouse Equipment specializes in the sales of a large selection of both new and used material handling equipment at a great price. We thoroughly inspect all of our used conveyors and other equipment to guarantee quality and reliability and to ensure they all meet the strictest safety standards.

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Are you looking for used conveyors for sale that are reliable, durable, and come at an incredible price? If so, don’t hesitate to reach out and get in touch with our team at Used Warehouse Equipment today.

Our inventory of used conveyors for sale consists of the following:

Conveyor Inventory



1,000 ft.

18″ Green Rapistan 1.9 Roller on 3.5″ Side Channel 4″ c/c

2,200 ft.

18″ Grey Buschman 1.375 Roller on 4.5″ c/c 2.5 Side Channel


18 X 1.9 Roller X 48 Spring Gates (56 Over-all Length)


90 Deg. Skatewheel Curves

Assorted “H” Stands

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