Maximize usable space for less!

These steel mezzanine systems provide a quick and inexpensive way to maximize usable space in nearly all types of facilities.

Mezzanines allow companies to grow and utilize vacant space above their warehouse floor — quickly increasing the amount of auxiliary space. 

Advantages of mezzanines, include:

  • No need to relocate
  • Stay in your current location
  • Save time
  • And money

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used mezzanine for sale


Used Mezzanines for Sale from a Warehouse Liquidation Sale

At Used Warehouse Equipment, we always provide like-new equipment to our valued clients. Buying a used mezzanine is only different from buying a new one because you’ll be paying much less when you buy used. All of our used mezzanines are thoroughly inspected for signs of damage before being made available for sale. As a leading authority in warehouse liquidation, we are quick to notice red flags that could potentially render used equipment to be useless. That means you can rest assured that your mezzanine will function as if it were brand new, but you don’t have to pay nearly as much as you would at retail price.

Advantages of Implementing Used Mezzanine Structures

Mezzanines are considered to be a godsent innovation by many warehouse managers. These structures provide versatility and expedience to an industry that depends on organized efficiency for survival. Check out the list of advantages below if you are unsure whether your facility would benefit from implementing mezzanines.

The Benefits of Mezzanines:

  • No Need to Relocate
  • Saves Time and Money
  • Keep up with Increasing Space Demands
  • Add Extra Space Wherever Needed
  • Increase Versatility of Floor Space
  • Allows for Gradual, Self-Paced Growth


As you can see, these sturdy structures provide ample opportunity for warehouse managers to make the most of their facility’s floor space. By increasing your usable floor space with a used mezzanine, you will improve the overall profitability of your warehouse operation.

Other Used Warehouse Equipment for Sale

We do much more than sell used mezzanines. You can find a wide variety of used warehouse equipment for sale at Used Warehouse Equipment. Below are some of the additional equipment offerings you can choose from when you shop with us.


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We have many years of experience and success liquidating warehouse facilities throughout the United States. Our team has a strong understanding of the logistics on both sides—for the company that is liquidating, as well as the company buying liquidated assets. Our track record shows that we have provided enormous benefits to companies from both sides of the liquidation process, which is clear when looking at our recent projects. Give us a call if you have questions about our mezzanines or other used warehouse equipment, and feel free to place an order online today!

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